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Sustainability is a way of improving everything from carbon emissions to communities – we’re committed to create a place that’s not only considerate to our environment, but also our people.

Leading by example. A building with the paperwork to prove we’re at the forefront of sustainable workspaces.


Targeting BREEAM Excellent
Targeting a 5* rating


Targeting the top ‘Platinum’ rating
Targeted to achieve Wired Certification Platinum


Reset air quality assessment
Targeting Well Platinum


  • Determined to achieve Net Zero Carbon
  • Sustainable design practices
  • Forward-thinking investment
  • Carbon offsetting projects
  • Targeting NABERS 5*
  • Help occupiers reach their own ESG & carbon commitments

How our intelligent design helps keep consumption down

Energy Efficiency

By working in partnership with industry leading contractors who have their own strong and ambitious social values.

By maximising renewable energy sourcing and seeking innovate ways to improve energy use.

By using the latest BIM and smart technology to drive waste reduction and energy efficiencies, from construction through to day-to-day operations.

By installing electric and cycle charging stations to encourage longer distance carbon free travel.

We aim to save nearly 2 million litres of water every year by using recycled shower and basin water to flush our toilets.

We aim to achieve a 33% reduction in water consumption per annum by installing specialist ‘low flow’ taps, which reduce water volume throughout the building.

Heat pumps connect to our cooling towers to use heat rejected from the building to generate hot water and heating.

By designing the building’s façades in such a way as to reduce solar gain and reduce the energy required to cool internal air.

By using highly efficient fan coil units throughout the building to minimise the demand on power.

By installing LED sensor lighting throughout the building and in turn reducing energy use.

Reduced reliance on fossil fuels with 60% of heating and hot water demand being provided by electric heat pumps.

We aim to avoid localised flooding through the use of sustainable drainage of rainwater through collection in tanks.

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  • Determining the needs of users, their journeys & relationships
  • Intuitive technology platforms & interactions with the building
  • Enhancing everyone’s experience when in the building

Seamless Technology

People at its heart – a technology platform designed around the human needs, journeys and experience.

Simplicity – technology that is simple to use and enhances user experience; from booking a locker to ordering your morning coffee; from accessing the building to joining an exercise class.

Sustainable – technology to monitor and manage energy and water usage and with data to enable effective and informed decision making.

Predictive – technology to monitor performance and operation of plant and predict when it will go wrong, before it goes wrong to minimise disruption to occupiers.

Enabled – an intelligent infrastructure system that enables a fit out that delivers healthy and productive working environments.

Big Data – ability to work collectively and utilise data for the good of the entire building community and the planet.

Security – systems that deliver physical, cyber and data security.

SmartScore – independently verified as one of the smartest buildings in the world.

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  • Take advantage of a state-of-the-art private fitness studio and gender neutral end of trip facilities for on-demand or specially programmed workouts.
  • Wellness suites and lounges accessible for relaxation
  • Multiple terraces offering opportunities to increase biodiversity
  • Prioritising ventilation, touch-less access, cleanliness and hygiene
  • Easy commuting with end of journey facilities

Personal Wellbeing

Take advantage of a  state-of-the-art private fitness studio and gender neutral end of trip facilities for on-demand or specially programmed  workouts.

Enjoy a moment of private relaxation in one of the luxurious spa suites or book in for a professional treatment.

Get away from it all on one of the four communal terraces  that offer every occupier refreshing outdoor space

Escape the daily grind with free access to the exclusive ‘residents only’ rooftop clubhouse.

Engage and learn with colleagues in one of our spaces created for learning. Use either the Library, Screening Room or Forum, for individual and shared studying.

Breathe more freely and be more productive knowing that 100% filtered fresh air is supplied to all floors and doesn’t mix in-between.

Have the option to take control of your temperature with specially designed and demand-controlled ventilation systems.

Use real time data to monitor the indoor air quality so you can make sure it always stays fresh and healthy.

Enhance your health and wellbeing thanks to the fit out and design all having been done in accordance with WELL standards.

Immerse yourself in Central Square, sitting amongst our luscious green planting environment, including 7 trees. A place truly designed with biophilia in mind.

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Lead from
the front

Using radical new ideas, 40 Leadenhall London has been designed to suppress our carbon footprint, we’re an exciting destination that believes sustainable change will benefit us all.